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Power-saving: One for all

Power-saving: One for all

New power from old fuels

Waste processing on the one hand, energy generation on the other: A highly-efficient energy recycling plant guarantees the power supply of the industrial site at Premnitz.

Key Facts

  • Customer: E.ON Energy from Waste
  • Plant: 54 MWth recycling power plant for surrogate fuels, Premnitz
  • Commissioning: 2008

For the recycling power plant for surrogate fuels in Premnitz, SAG Erwin Peters carried out the complete planning, manufacture, supply, assembly and initiation as well as test operation and documentation of the electrical and control and communication systems.

Alongside detail engineering and programming, SAG Erwin Peters was also responsible for the cabling, instrumentation and lighting of the plant as well as for the delivery and installation of transformers, substations, stand-alone power supply, emergency power units, fire reporting/video/telephone systems and the process control systems (Siemens PCS 7) including maintenance fittings.

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