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Complete overhaul

Complete overhaul

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SAG Erwin Peters provided a complete one-stop service to boost the efficiency of the natural gas plant in Emsbüren.

Key Facts

  • Customer: RWE Transportnetz Gas GmbH
  • Plant: natural gas station, Emsbüren
  • Commissioning: 2009

For the natural gas station of RWE at the Emsbüren location (today, it is owned by Thyssengas GmbH), SAG Erwin Peters overhauled the entire electrical, measuring and control technology with override regulators of three gas pressure control lines and four metering lines with the Siemens control system PCS 7. For this purpose, a remote and on-site regulator of the gas volume and the initial pressure was installed over quadruple override regulators. In addition, the heating control was connected to the system via Ethernet.

SAG Erwin Peters produced all substations for the electrical, measuring and control technology and was responsible for engineering, programming, installation, commissioning, and documentation. The customer received the entire process control and electrical, measuring and control technology turnkey from one single source.

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