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Controlling million cubic metres of gas

Controlling million cubic metres of gas

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Metering, control, and regulator technology by SAG Erwin Peters ensures the easy handling of approximately 130 million cubic meters of working gas volume in Epe.

Key Facts

  • Customer: Trianel Gasspeichergesellschaft mbH & Co. KG
  • Plant: natural gas storage, Epe
  • Commissioning: 2008

The growing importance of natural gas in Europe due to increased gas consumption and the development of the integrated network makes an expansion of the available storage capacities essential. Therefore, Trianel Gasspeichergesellschaft mbH &
Co. KG (TGE), realised the local gas storage project at Epe, not far from the Dutch border.

The underground storage is made from four salt caverns at a depth of 1,200 metres and in total has a working gas volume of approximately 130 million cubic metres. Compressors, gas drying facilities, heating systems, switch and distribution cabinets as well as boiler control are all a part of the above-ground facility.

SAG Erwin Peters' project team undertook the installation of the complex control technology, through which the filling of the caverns and the removal of the gas is controlled. The turnkey measurement technology is thereby connected to the control central via a BUS system. Should an error occur on a pressure transmitter in a cavern far away, it is shown immediately in the control room. In total there are more than 4,000 measuring points in the facility, which are connected to the control room. SAG Erwin Peters undertook the corresponding complex programming and finishing of the measuring and control switch cabinets. The project was realised with the process control system PCS 7 by Siemens. In total 100 switch cabinets were manufactured and delivered by SAG Erwin Peters.

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